Is it Wise To Hire Virtual Assistants For Your Website? Semalt Shares Its Own Opinion

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Hiring Remote IT Workers for Your Company
    1. Enhanced Productive
    2. Reduced Business Costs
    3. More Benefits for Employees
    4. Allows you to Focus on other Aspects of your Business
  3. Types of Virtual Assistance Services you can Access
    1. Virtual Assistance Agencies
    2. Team of Virtual Assistants or One-man Virtual Assistant
    3. Automated Services Virtual Assistance
  4. Conclusion


The world has gone digital; remotely working is now easier more than ever before. Hiring virtual assistants to manage your website would be highly beneficial to the productivity of your company,  especially with the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus. By hiring virtual assistants, you are not just encouraging productivity but also reducing costs. Indeed, hiring virtual assistants to manage your website is a savvy move. If you're still wondering why you should hire remote workers, here are some of the benefits of hiring virtual assistants. 

Benefits of Hiring Remote IT Workers for Your Company

1. Enhanced Productive

Several studies have shown that virtual workers are about 15-25% more productive than workers that commute to work daily. This productivity is achieved due to various reasons. The ability to carve out a personal schedule that works out for the staff makes it easier for them to be productive. By hiring virtual assistants to handle your website's affairs, you are encouraging them to give all it takes to ensure optimal productivity. By giving them flexibility for work-life balance, you are promoting a productive output for your company.

The traditional office could be full of distractions, and that would reduce your workers' productivity. It might be idle chats with co-workers or an impromptu meeting with the team leader while work is supposed to be on-going. 

These kinds of distractions would be avoided when you hire virtual assistants free from the full-time job kind of obligations. They would be able to concentrate fully on ensuring that your website is at its best at all times and that your web visitors get an optimal experience.

2. Reduced Business Costs

Hiring remote workers could help you reduce business costs effectively. Firstly, you would not need a big office space to accommodate the physical staff since your website assistants would be working remotely. Due to this, you get to cut back on the money for a centralized physical office. You would still achieve similar productivity to that of renting a physical office. Still, this time the office would be the online collaboration apps you use in communicating with the virtual assistants. 

Secondly, employing remote workers would help you save costs on furniture and office supplies. Since your website assistants are working remotely, you won't spend as much on those. 
Also, you would be able to scale back on utility bills and janitorial services. Asides from all that, you won't need to pay exorbitant amounts paying full-time staff. Hiring virtual assistants is much cheaper than hiring full-time staff because you are paying them for just a few hours of work.

3. More Benefits for Employees

Asides from being beneficial to you, virtual staffing for your website also benefits your web assistants. If you hire virtual assistants to manage your website, you will help them achieve greater productivity. They would not need to drag themselves out of bed to rush to work every morning. Also, the cost of commuting to work and buying lunch every day would be played out. 
In addition, your employees can still take up some extra paid duties asides from yours. This means that they would be able to earn more without disrupting the productive flow in your business. Your virtual assistants are likely to be more efficient and proactive than physical staff because the physical office and commuting barrier are no longer there. So, you'll notice them working harder to make your website look great and be functional at all times. 

4. Allows you to Focus on other Aspects of your Business

Another advantage of hiring virtual assistants for your site is that they allow you to forget about managing your site so that you can work on other aspects of your business. They can complete the work that you need them to do without your having to spend time on them. For instance, they can be in charge of communicating with your web visitors, probably through emails or on-website chats.

When you hire virtual assistants, you can actually get more than just website designing, content creation, and online marketing done for you. You can also give them access to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you are in need of someone to help with the layout of your website or you are needing someone to take care of some of your content management, your virtual assistant can provide you with a lot of help. 

If you need to design your own website, your virtual assistant can help you with this as well. Since someone or some other people are already handling these website management affairs, you'll be able to handle the other affairs of your business for optimal business productivity. You can reach out to Semalt to help you out with your website's needs virtually. 

Types of Virtual Assistance Services you can Access

There are basically three types of virtual assistance services you can access, so the one you opt for depends all on you. You'll need to first access the type of virtual support you need in order to choose rightly. Asides from that, your budget would also determine the type of service you choose.

i. Virtual Assistance Agencies

One of the major reasons businesses prefer to contract their virtual assistance needs to virtual assistance agencies is that they're extremely reliable. They are also usually quite efficient and trustworthy because they know their company's integrity/reputation is on the line. When you outsource your virtual assistance needs to agencies, you'd most likely get better results. Why? 

One, it's teamwork within the agency, so you can rest assured that your website needs would be taken care of in entirety. No matter what happens to your web site or what kind of support it needs, virtual assistance agencies usually have people of diverse specializations to handle each aspect. Two, you would feel secure knowing that your site can't be hijacked from you because the agency is registered and can be located if need be. Hiring virtual assistance agencies can be a bit expensive, especially if you choose highly reputable ones, but most website owners believe it's worth it.

ii. Team of Virtual Assistants or One-man Virtual Assistant

You could hire freelance virtual assistance to handle the affairs of your site. If that one freelancer can provide the kind of support you need, all well and good. But in most cases, people need to hire about two or more individuals to manage the site. 

You may also need to hire a freelance website designer to build, design, and optimize your site. For that, you'd need a person who has a good understanding of how websites should look as well as how to create a site that's both user-friendly and attractive to the eyes.

Since web designers might not know much about content creation, you might need to hire another freelancer to create your content and upload it. Of course, for this, you'd need someone great at creating content - someone, with the knowledge of SEO. 

The person could also be in charge of replying to comments, updating blog posts, and even chatting with your customers. Asides from that, you might need to hire a freelance marketer, accountant, etc., to manage other aspects of your website/online shop. In that case, you could bring the freelancers to work together as a team.

The great thing about hiring freelancers is that you won't need to spend as much as you would with virtual agencies. But hiring freelance virtual assistance also has its downsides. Some freelancers aren't trustworthy. They could hijack your site and take total control. Some could also ghost you right in the middle of work, leaving you helpless? That's why you should only hire trustworthy freelancers who have built a good reputation.

You will need to ensure that the virtual assistant that you hire is one that you trust and one that is willing to work within your budget. When you are looking for a virtual assistant, you should look into references before you make a decision on any freelancer. This way, you can make sure that your virtual assistant has the right credentials for your needs. This means you need to choose an area of expertise and hire a professional who has experience in that field.

iii. Automated Services Virtual Assistance

Using virtual assistance software can help you increase your web traffic by up to 30% through automated website management. This service is capable of automating the entire website process, from design to maintenance and promotion. Not only does this help you save time and energy, but it is also very cost-effective. 

Website owners usually have a lot of things to do in their day jobs, one of which is managing their websites. Because they are busy, they may not have enough time to check on their websites frequently. However,  as a web owner, you can use a virtual assistance software program to watch over your website and keep it updated daily. 

The software can also provide you with tips on how to make your site more attractive to visitors. A single software can manage multiple domains and programs, thus saving you time and money. Just think of how much money and time you can save each month by automating your website's management process.

When you use this type of software, you will be able to access your website anywhere that has an internet connection. Since you are able to manage your website anywhere, it will be easier to run operations. In addition, you don't have to physically set up your website on your own server. Since it is hosted on a remote server, you won't have to hire a web programmer and all of the other things that go into setting up a website. 

Of course, using automated software also has its downsides. It could be expensive to install, depending on the type you go for. Asides from that, it could act up any day; you never know. If you need help in choosing the right software, you can contact to discuss the types of automated software that'd suit your business.


You will find that there are many reasons to hire a virtual assistant for your website. If you are just starting out an online business or looking to expand your business and increase profits, hiring virtual assistance is the way to go.

Although people believe that collaboration and communication cannot be truly effective without a centralized physical space, technological advancement has shown that it is possible. Hiring virtual assistants to manage your site might be the game-changing move you need for your business. You won't regret this decision, especially if you employ committed and dedicated virtual assistants.